Natural Stone Construction Solutions

Empire Blended Products

Empire Blended Products has been manufacturing specialty cement products since 1946. Our state of the art, computerized manufacturing plant in Bayville, N.J. produces our wide line of high quality products used throughout the industry. We also offer private labeling, toll manufacturing, custom packaging, warehousing and transportation.


Portland Cement Type I/II

Portland Cement is a general purpose cement used in the construction trade. It is available in both white and gray and can be used in the manufacture of an endless variety of products.


  • Available in 94 lb bags (1 bag yields 1 cubic foot)
  • Accepts wide varieties of admixtures
  • Wide variety of uses
  • Consistent strength
  • Non-staining


  • General purpose cement in the construction trade
  • White Portland Cement is ideal whenever a clean, distinctive character and beautiful color effects are desired

Masonry Type M

Available in 80 lb bags 

Masonry Type S

Available in 75 lb bags

Masonry Type N

Available in 70 lb bags

EM-Bond C

Liquid Bonding Agent for Portland Cement Based Products

Interior or Exterior Use

EM-BOND C is an architectural grade, modified polyvinyl acetate homopolymer emulsion specially formulated for bonding cement based mixes to interior or exterior concrete, and structurally sound masonry and concrete surfaces.


EM-BOND C is used for bonding

  • Cement products to old or new concrete, masonry, stucco, wood, brick, concrete block, and more
  • New concrete to old
  • Cement products to walls, ceilings, beams, and columns and floors

EM-Cryl 600

Acrylic Latex Fortifier for Cement and Gypsum Mixes

Interior and Exterior use

EM-CRYL 600 is a non reemulsifiable, architectural grade, modified acrylic latex admix for Portland Cement and gypsum based mixes. EM-CRYL 600 has been formulated to enhance performance by improving the strength, flexibility, adhesion, water resistance, and curing properties when added to mixes.


EM-CRYL 600 is the gauging liquid from EMPIRE BLENDED FLOOR ALL and the bonding liquid for EMPIRE BLENDED SEALL MASONRY COATING when applied over dense or previously painted concrete or masonry. It is used in many other EMPIRE BLENDED products such as SURFACE BONDING CEMENT, FOUNDATION COAT and THIN SET, as well as in:

  • Repointing mortars
  • Bedding mortars for tile, brick, flagstone, etc.
  • Pool, pipe and tanking lining
  • Stucco, thin set and terrazzo
  • Thin overlays to patch, level, and resurface floors and walls


All-Temp is a chloride based, multi purpose admix for concrete and mortar. It is designed to accelerate the set time, as well as to densify, harden, improve the workability, and increase the strength development of finished mixes, thereby improving their water resistance and dust proofing qualities. All-Temp can be safely used with gray or white portland cement or colored masonry products without causing discoloration.


  • Antifreeze and water reducer for concrete and masonry
  • All weather use to improve workability and performance
  • Slurry coat to eliminate surface voids and improve bond